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Happy 25th Birthday Cosmo Jarvis!

Cosmo will be playing at Falmouth Event Square tomorrow at 7.30pm!


I’m really not that weird; I just get obsessed with girls.

~ Cosmo has been cast as the lead in 'Monochrome'

Directed by Tom Lawes, Monochrome is a psychological thriller.

Shall give any information about the film as we find any.

"Because even as a kid, my heart’s what I hid, ‘cause something about it and this planet don’t fit."

Cosmo Jarvis // Is The World Strange? (via bottleofraine)

Cosmo @The Barrel House, Totnes, 22/8 (18+)

Will be playing an acoustic set, which from first hand experience are fantastic, and usually you get to hear songs he wouldn’t play otherwise (last time, for instance, Drop It, Lost in NYC and Collaborating with Rihanna).

Click here for the event page on facebook and tickets available here.