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Anonymous asked:
Do you think Cosmo Jarvis is gay because of the "Gay Pirates" song? Or am I just silly and don't get it!?

He wrote the song as a basic means to get laddy lads to sing a song about gay men they’d be dancing to, and they can’t really stop dancing to without showing their homophobia. And it seems to work :)

I am pretty sure he’s straight, but yeah, wouldn’t think he’s gay just for writing a song that is about the persecution of homosexual people

Germany Tour begins tomorrow!

  • February 23rd - Orangehouse @Munich
  • 24th - Studio 672 @Cologne
  • 25th - Molotow @Hamburg
  • 26th - Nachtleben @Frankfurt
  • 27th - Kleine Freiheit @Osnabruck
  • 28th - Moritzbastei @Leipzig 
  • March 1st - Sudhaus @Tubinga

Get going folks, well worth a watch! Follow this link to get tickets!

Also, Cosmo is playing The Macbeth in London on March 6th. For that gig, follow this link for tickets.


Inside the Mediterranean biome at the eden project is possibly the prettiest place to do a gig

"This is a song about how in order to make people feel less ripped off in supermarkets, they round down the price to the nearest .99. It’s a song about every store in the land taking its customers for idiots, before they’re even in the store. Its about wanting to at least have a blunt, honest representation of the extortionate prices we have to pay to survive, rather than the added insult of making it seem lower. We’re not idiots, right? The ‘Ripped’ line refers to that sentiment; why would they want to do that? To make us feel we’re spending somewhere in the nine pounds; (£9.99) when were going to be a tenner short. But its not just the prices listed in stores, its the tone of the advertising - many rounded down, ‘.99’, type prices, informed to us daily on TV through the fake smile of a voice over artist as if she’s doing us a favour."

Cosmo Jarvis, about 9999

New Music Video should be online by Sunday!